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Global-society is the macrosociety level in which almost all humans interact. With current technologies and the interconnectedness of the human species, all humans are connected, either directly or indirectly, with the global-society.


an outcome or result of an action

increasingly larger society   

Increasingly larger society is the premise that one is a member of a society on a microsociety level, and these microsocieties increase as we interact with more and more people in our lives. With our current level of technology, almost all human beings are joined together in a macrosociety or global-society. Since almost every individual is part of this macrosociety, the microsocieties of these individuals must always increase to the macrosociety level regardless of the individualís direct interactions with other individuals.


Macrosociety is largest grouping of the society in which an individual interacts.


to bring, cause, or produce as a result; the way in which the outcome or result is to be achieved


Microsociety is an ever increasing grouping of the society in which an individual interacts. As an individual matures, their microsociety becomes larger as they interact, either directly or indirectly, with more and more individuals.

rational intelligent thinking human being   

A human being capable of thoughtful, reflective, and sound judgement.