Social Morality

We live in a global-society in which we are all interconnected. We need to start learning how to live together, because we are NOT living together. We are going in the wrong direction as far as living together as a society, much less a global-society. Our society, in the United States, and elsewhere is tearing itself apart.

Look at the society we have created. A society just living in the here-and-now; and not even thinking about the future. An individual has more future then they do the here-and-now. Are you thinking five, ten, fifteen years when it comes to education? Probably not, and the kids are not thinking of their future either. Everyone is just in the here and now, here and now.

We continue to live in a society with no system of morals and values and it is getting worse. We need to live in a society that teaches morals, a society teaching social morality. Find out more at START A CHAIN REACTION and be part of the moral generation.

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