Social Morality is a moral philosophy which states: we live in a global-society with all of us being connected, none of us live in isolation. We have an effect on others, and others have an effect on us. Humans are globally linked into a large macrosociety, and as such we are all interconnected, every person on the planet.

As a global-society, we need in place a system of morals and values. A system every rational and intelligent human being would agree with, and in fact most already follow social morality in some regards.

Social Morality is simply doing the right thing, which we are already born knowing, with the basic principal of, "Act according to that maxim whereby you treat the world as an ends and never as a mere means.

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Why are we in need of social morality? Why do individuals need to start following social morality, even if they feel they are already moral? Turn on you television to the local news and you will see it. We are not getting along and living together as a society, in fact we are slowly tearing society apart. Why is this, because we don't follow social morality.

We must admit we are rational intelligent thinking human beings, and as a rational thinking beings, we must ask ourselves, "Are we acting morally?". As we have merged into a global-society, there is a need for a global system of morals and values. Even if you believe you are acting morally, think about all your actions in a given day, "Is every action moral?". Is it possible your morals might have become slightly skewed? As rational beings we are bound to follow a system of morals and values, but are we truly thinking about our morals and values.

Why would a rational being not want to live in a society where they are valued as an integral member, and not as some means to an ends. In our creation of a disposable society, the lives, thoughts, and emotions of human beings have also become disposable, as well as anything within our grasp.

During times of great tragedy and suffering we will treat each other morally, and come together as a community, a large society, to help each other. However, as a society, in experiences with those we meet during the day, we treat each other immorally. We treat each other as disposable means to selfish ends. Most people in some regards are "in it for themselves", asking "how does it benefit me?", not knowing that if it benefits society, it benefits every individual.

We are constantly bombarded with media images that sustain a society with a lack of morals. Though there is the first amendment, an individual has to be moral. "Just because you can say it, doesn't mean you should say it". Even in the mist of negative images, we can still see examples where society is screaming out for social morality. It is evident in songs, movies, and other media.

As a global-society, we have no morals and values to govern our actions, so we are unable to get along as a society, much less a global-society. With free will, we choose who we are moral to, and the rest we treat immorally. We currently live in a society driven by survival of the fittest, and usually the most fit has an ends based in money. Society has become, if it makes a person happy it is morally right. We need to start seeing that what benefits one of us, benefits all of us, since we are all globally linked.

Look at where we have come as a society and what it is doing to our society? We live in a time when people no longer have a society based system of morals, and as a global-society we act immorally. Nobody lives isolated by themselves, so everyone as part of this global-society needs to follow the same system of morals and values. Everyone can admit we are globally connected, what happens in one part of the world has an effect on the rest of the world, and as such we are globally connected. As a global-society we need to get back to a system of morals that every rational being can follow, social morality.

Most people may feel they already follow a system of morals and values, but what is the ultimate motivation? Most people will do good if it benefits them, instead of doing good for the sake of being moral. As rational intelligent thinking human beings, we ought to behave morally.

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The time for social morality is now! As a society , we have lost hope for the future and even the present. Most individuals are quick to just react, as they live in the here-and-now, with no consequences for the future. We have lost our moral compass, and we are quick to react and not think as intelligent beings and act morally.

While thinking as a rational individual, take a look around, one can see how we are not getting along as a society, without a moral compass. We live in a world built on violence, hatred, racism, greed, intolerance, and disrespect; instead of a world built on morals and values. Look around and see how we treat each other locally as a community, as a country, as a global-society. How do we treat each other in our daily encounters? We are a global-society, we are all globally linked, and as such united we stand, divided we fall!

Society is crying out for a system of morals and values, which we are currently lacking as rational intelligent human beings. The world is crying out for a change, a system of morals and values, for the betterment of society and the individual. We can already see in the newest generation the lack of morals and values, and even ambition for the future. Is this the society we want to create for our future?

There is a need now to start practicing and teaching morals and values. The time is now to start practicing social morality, in your daily life, with everyone we encounter. We start teaching it to our children, start discussing it with our friends, co-workers, and neighbors, and start living it in our lives.

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As a rational intelligent thinking human being evaluate, "what system of morals do I follow?". How do I treat people morally everyday? How do I treat people immorally everyday?

We have created a society of the haves and have-nots. Anytime we divide ourselves, the underlying basis is those who have 'something' and those who do not have the 'something'. Those who do not have the something, tend to be less valued in our society. One is free to choose any 'something' as an example. Unfortunately, we fail to realize everyone in part of this global-society, and as such, everyone should strive for a moral place in society.

What morality does a person's actions show? Even when it comes to morality we can divide society into the haves and have-nots. Those who follow a system of morals and values as a member of society and those who choose to follow no morals or daily actions show a lack of morals. Currently in our society, it appears as those who do not act morally are the driving force of this global-society.

We cannot continue to be a society of haves and have-nots, because as we continue we create a society where people feel they are not valued. Truth of the matter is everyone is valued, everyone has an important role in society and a responsibility to act morally.

Who is to blame for our lack of morality? Every individual of this global-society, not following a system of morals. Any individual thinking as a rational being with the very basic instinct of right and wrong. If people didn't know what they were doing was wrong they wouldn't try to hide it.

Who is the solution? Every intelligent, rational thinking human being in this global-society. It is about starting a chain reaction! A chain reaction to push a moral cause, to start acting globally like rational intelligent thinking human beings and live together morally as a global-society.

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Changing the morals of a global-society can't occur until a critical mass is reached, and the only way to build up to a critical mass is by starting a chain reaction. Starting the momentum of moral change, and following a system of morals and values in a global-society.

We start practicing it, teaching it, our actions show examples of it, and we join the chain reaction. What's going to stop violence in our communities, getting out into our communities, getting to know our neighbors. We have become so isolated in most areas, people go home and trap themselves indoors, only to communicate with others electronically, instead of face to face.

Social morality is not a dramatically different change in mindset. In some ways individuals are already following social morality. Most of the laws which govern us follow social morality. People are already doing social morality in some ways, unfortunately sometimes the focus tends to get blurry and the moral choice isn't made. As rational human beings, we already know how to do the right thing, it is inborn into us, we just need to enhance it and keep it focused. We keep it focused by learning morality or relearning morals based on a global-society and then practice social morality.

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