Synopsis of Social Morality

Look at where we have come, where we are going, and what it is doing to our society! We live in a time when most people act immorally since they don't have a society based system of morals. As a global-society we also act immorally. Nobody lives isolated by themselves, so everyone as part of this global-society needs to follow the same system of morals and values. We can admit we are globally connected. What happens in one part of the world has an affect on the rest of the world, and as such we are globally connected. As a global-society, we need to get back to a system of morals that every rational being can follow, social morality.

As a society , we have lost hope for the future, and even the present, in some regards. Most individuals are quick to just react, as they live in the here-and-now, with no consequences for the future. We have lost our moral compass, being quick to react and not think as intelligent beings and act morally.

The world is crying out for a system of morals and values, for the betterment of society and every individual. We can already see in the newest generation the lack of morals and values, and their lack of ambition for the future. Is this the society we want for our future? Society needs a system of morals and values, which we are currently lacking as rational intelligent human beings.

We have created a society of the haves and have-nots. Anytime we divide ourselves, the underlying basis is those who have 'something' and those who do not have the 'something'. Those who do not have the something, tend to be less valued in our society. Any 'something' can be used as an example, whether it be money, race, religion, etc. Unfortunately, we fail to realize everyone is part of this global-society, and as such, everyone should strive for and be encouraged to find a moral place in society, as we all have an effect on each other.

Social morality is a moral philosophy, which sees the fact we live in a global-society with all of us being connected, and us such, we have an affect on others, and others have an affect on us. Humans are globally linked into a large macrosociety, and as such we are all interconnected, every person on the planet.

Social morality is simply doing the right thing, which we are already born knowing, with the premise that all individuals need to follow the maxim, "Act according to that maxim whereby you treat the world as an ends and never as a mere means.

This means simply each individuals needs to start evaluating how they go about achieving a specific outcome. What means did they use to achieve the outcome, and was the outcome achieved morally? Take for instance a goal of acquiring money. An individual can follow a route in which the money is obtained morally and legally, since most of our laws already follow social morality, or they may obtain the money immorally and illegally.

As we can realize our interconnectedness to one another, we also need to see our interconnectedness to other living and nonliving things on the planet. We, as individuals, have an affect on the Earth, and as a global-society, have a global affect on the planet. We need to recognize this effect and treat living species and nonliving things morally by simply doing the right thing.

We cannot continue to be a society of haves and have-nots, because as we continue we create a society where people feel they are not valued. Truth of the matter is everyone is valued, everyone has an important role in society, and a responsibility to act morally. Nor can we continue to be a society blind to our societal affect on the planet.

As a global-society, we need a system of morals and values where every rational and intelligent human being recognizes their duty to follow. However, changing the morals of a global-society can't occur until a critical mass is reached, and the only way to build up to a critical mass is by starting a chain reaction. Starting the momentum of moral change, and following a system of morals and values in a global-society.

Social morality is not a dramatically different change in mindset. In some ways individuals are already following social morality. Most of the laws which govern us follow social morality. People are already doing social morality in some ways, unfortunately sometimes the focus tends to get blurry and the moral choice isn't made. As rational human beings, we already know how to do the right thing, it is inborn into us, we just need to enhance it and keep it focused. We keep it focused by learning morality or relearning morals based on a global-society, then practice social morality, and finally teaching social morality.