First Section of Rationale for Social Morality

One must admit societies have changed over recorded time. When populations were small, humans lived in small groups and took care of one another, treating each other with a basic system of morals and values. As our numbers grew we then started competing with one another, tribe versus tribe and later nation versus nation.

This competition amongst human beings has been increasing as our numbers grew. Competition is an inborn trait in all species and is necessary for survival, but competition without morals is creating a society that is tearing itself apart through immorality. As a global-society we need a moral compass to guide us, so we treat each other, other living things, and our planet in a moral way which benefits our current and future global-society. You can trace all the negatives: war, murder, abortion, health care crisis, financial turmoil, failing education, violence, crime, and the like, on no moral compass. As a global-society and as human beings, we have lost our moral compass.

How far have we come since 1900? We continue to act more violently and immorally towards each other. We live in a global-society in which we are all interconnected; and we need to start learning how to live together, because we are NOT living together. We are going in the wrong direction as far as living together in our own increasingly larger society, much less a global-society.

Look around as a rational intelligent thinking human being, it is easy to see how this global-society of almost seven billion (7,000,000,000!) people is not living together as a global-society, and how we treat each other immorally daily. We are improving technology everyday, along with destructive technology, and readiness to use technology immorally.

Our immoral competition has turned into a society of individuals only living in the hear-and-now without rationally thinking about consequences in the future. This society living in the here-and- now is creating a generation of children who rationalize only in terms of the here-and-now. Individuals go out and act in the moment without regard for any consequences, and no regard to morals and values. People are quick to react instead of thinking like rational human beings.

So we exist in a globally linked society with the most influential individuals living in the here-and-now. Who are those influential individuals, every member of society. Most individuals will think only about the moment and not rationalize the future outcome of the action. Society has become, "if it makes an individual happy, it is morally right".

What has this done to our society? We live in a globally connected society without morals and values, individuals no longer have a society based system of morals for the society in which they live. We live in a world of the haves and the have-nots. We continue to subdivide ourselves, the underlying basis being those who have 'something' and those who do not have the 'something'. One is free to choose any 'something' as an example. Those who do not have the something, tend to be less valued in our society.

Since all individuals strive to be valued in society, the world of the haves and have-nots, generates individuals who may use immoral means to acquire the 'something' (ends). We cannot continue to be a society of haves and have-nots. We should live in a society where everyone is valued, everyone has an important role in society and a responsibility to act from the duty of a thinking human being to act morally. The message can be seen in song, movies, and television. This global-society is crying out for a moral change, a moral compass, a global morality - Social Morality.

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