Fourth Section of Rationale for Social Morality

The solution to start living together as a global-society is by implementing a global morality. Just like in nature, using a hierarchical structure, beginning with individuals, who will infuse social morality into their lives and spread the word of a new generation, a moral generation.

By sending the message to many individuals, it can be thought of as starting a chain reaction. Those individuals will live morally and discuss social morality with those they interact with, who will then begin living morally and discussing social morality, like in a chain reaction where a reactive product causes additional reactions to take place, with the reaction continuing until this global-society reaches critical mass.

These individuals will share social morality with their microsociety , family and friends, and as the chain builds, increasing in a hierarchical structure: from communities, to towns, cities, states, nations, and then globally. A new moral generation will evolve as we spread the word, thereby adding to the chain reaction, a chain reaction to push a moral cause, to start acting globally like rational intelligent thinking human beings and begin living together as a global-society.

An individual must use social morality to guide them into following moral means to moral ends. An individual will have to act morally out of duty with the very basic instinct of right and wrong. If people didn't know what they were doing was wrong, they wouldn't try to hide it. An individual must act morally, because it is "the right thing to do" not because they buy into any hype, but because they think as rational human beings, and as rational beings know they are bound to a system of morals and values in a global-society.

Social morality is a change in an individual's mindset to act as a rational intelligent thinking human being; and see how we are not treating each other morally on a daily basis. An individual is no better than someone else because we all have an important role in society and a duty to act morally. We are all human beings, but as we separate ourselves into the haves and have-nots we start to devalue others, leading to: violence, hatred, racism, greed, intolerance, and disrespect; because it doesn't matter if we use the have-nots for our own personal gain. There is no need to be courtesy, or polite, as we treat most of the people in our lives as a means to an ends.